Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The learner is like a.......

The learner today is like a bridge. It order to expand ones knowledge, the learner has to build connections with other people and open ones mind to new ideas and places. The video stated that "social software allows individuals to form new connections with one another. Like a bridge, these connections are going to allow individuals to expand their thoughts, opinions, ideas, across the world, communicating with other individuals. "Our ability to see connections between fields, ideas, and concepts is a core skill" (reading). This core skill is going to allow individuals to grow in their fields and become more real rounded and educated individuals. I think social media is a great tool for individuals to take advantage of, because I feel the best way for people to become more educated and skilled in their career, is to collaborate and learn from others.


  1. Hi Katie! I like your analogy of networking creates bridges that lead to knowledge. I also think that it is impactful to work with other classrooms to initiate, build, and complete projects so that the students learn from watching teachers modeling the collaboration process- then they get the opportunity to emualate it. I have learned a tremendoud amount of toools, hints and workable solutions by collaborating with other teachers, and even involving parents in that network of learning! We lose touch with the world if we do not stay connected in some capacity. Social networking can be a timesaving way to accomplish being plugged in. Except for my lack of time currently to even plug in...HAHA. Oh well, somewhere over the rainbow I will find more time...maybe. :)

  2. The internet is a powerful tool to build those bridges and make those connections. Nice analogy.