Sunday, April 18, 2010

online classes

Learning In a Flat World: Who Let This Disaster on My Reading List: March 22,2010.

I found this post be very interesting. The post was about a book written by a teacher who teaches entirely online. The commenter of this posts discusses how he thinks that online teachers need to have practical experience in a classroom before teaching online courses. He also states how he feels that the students suffer tremendously from online courses. I liked this post because I tend to agree with him. Although online courses are nice and convient to the learner and the teacher, I think students obtain more informatino and benefit much more from actually attending a class with a physically present teacher and classmates. I feel that student collaboration is an important part of learning and even though one can collaborate through emails and blogs, personal interaction I feel is still the best way to go. I also think that online classes are more appropiate for students at a college level versus and elementary/high school. I feel that socialization is an important skill that students need to learn and without that life skill, pursuing a career were one has to interact with others is going to be difficult.

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