Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I choose to post an Earth day and solar system video because i currently teach science. The Earth day video could have been used in my classroom last thursday on Earth Day to help further educated the students on what they can do to save the planet. I could have also showed the students how to use google earth by watching the video and then actually applying what the video said to look at the earth online. This would have been a good activity to do on earth day.

I really liked the solar system video because it explained why Pluto is not longer a planed in our solar system. That question would often come up in all grade levels when I was teaching the solar system. I really liked this video because the director explained the information about pluto in a way that was understandable and entertaining to children.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

online classes


Learning In a Flat World: Who Let This Disaster on My Reading List: March 22,2010.

I found this post be very interesting. The post was about a book written by a teacher who teaches entirely online. The commenter of this posts discusses how he thinks that online teachers need to have practical experience in a classroom before teaching online courses. He also states how he feels that the students suffer tremendously from online courses. I liked this post because I tend to agree with him. Although online courses are nice and convient to the learner and the teacher, I think students obtain more informatino and benefit much more from actually attending a class with a physically present teacher and classmates. I feel that student collaboration is an important part of learning and even though one can collaborate through emails and blogs, personal interaction I feel is still the best way to go. I also think that online classes are more appropiate for students at a college level versus and elementary/high school. I feel that socialization is an important skill that students need to learn and without that life skill, pursuing a career were one has to interact with others is going to be difficult.